Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)


 is an internationally recognized certificate from the Ontario ministry of education in Canada. This certification can be earned irrespective of your high school completion status. The OSSD certificate can be used to study abroad. It is highly recognized in Canadian, British, Australian and American universities. Ontario ministry of education curriculum has consistently ranked as one of the top 5 education system in the world which has earned OSSD a solid reputation worldwide as a certificate of the highest academic standards. OSSD is a 12th grade high school diploma which is equivalent to our WAEC/GCE which are both high school leaving certificate.

Your child can earn an OSSD in Nigeria by studying with IBE. Our partnership with Ontario virtual school, an Ontario ministry of education inspected high school which ensures our curriculum is always updated to the current global standards. IBE is here to deliver OSSD courses that meets the requirement of the Ontario ministry of education. IBE is proud to prepare students who wants to study abroad and also get them ready for easy adaptation of the different schooling system.

Our Firat Ossd Student

If you are looking forward to studying in Canada or any other top universities in the world, OSSD is the right certification to go for.

OSSD is of great advantage for international students;