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International Bridge Education serves as a training center for  a pre-university program called OSSD. We offer IELTs, TEF and some IT Training.


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Bring you opportunity for distance learning at your desired time from your home.

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On completion of any course, a certificate would be awarded.

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International Bridge Education has the best instructors for all courses.

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At International Bridge Education, we have the facilities to keep you comfortable and motivated throughout your learning period. 

Get A Canadian Certificate

Introduction To Graphics Design

Learn The Basics Of Microsoft Suite

Take A Social Media Management Career

Become A Front-End Web Designer

Fundamental Of Digital Marketing

Score At Least 8.0 On Your IELTS Exam

Get Prepared For your TEF Exam

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Your Child And The OSSD

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is a diploma granted to secondary school graduates in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is awarded to all students who completes the Ontario Education curriculum. This diploma can now be acquired right here in Nigeria.

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Hi, my name is Temidayo, now a student of the university of Canada west, studying Engineering. When my parent signed me up for OSSD - Ontario Secondary School Diploma, i thought is was just a waist of time. But when i started my 1st year right here in the university, i must say it was the best thing i ever got enrolled into. Everything in my 1st year has been introduced to my by the teacher at International Bridge education and i had a good 1st year.
I took their online IELTS class and wow wow wow. The instructor was so simple and easy to understand. News flash: I had 8.3 on my IELTS result. Thank you International Bridge Education.
Eddie Johnson
The facility at International Bridge Education have been incredible during my course. Very helpful, lots of ono on one time with instructors. and a grate community.
Esther Banks
Great place to learn. The teacher are incredible. I didn't waist my money.
Mr Bello Edison


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